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  Advisors who successfully
complete all of the steps in this
training have been averaging
between 35 – 45% annual increases
in business production.


This unique approach to managing an advisor’s practice produces immediate action steps for climbing to the “next level” and has an impact that will be felt for a lifetime.

Unfortunately, most Advisors spend less than fifty percent of their time face-to-face with people. Every Advisor goes through stages in their career, but some get sidetracked along the way and do not reach their full potential.

The ½-day or full-day seminar is the focal point of the Building A Prime Practice experience. Prior to the seminar, the advisor and team complete an on-line Practice Checkup™ assessment that provides a thorough, statistical analysis of their

The advisor is given immediate feedback on their 8 business systems as compared to the best practices in the financial services profession. These 8 systems are:
Client Acquisition
Client Management
Sales Process
Case Development
Time Management
Financial Management
In addition, the assessment identifies the stage of development the advisor’s practice has attained:
Finally, the assessment provides a gauge of how likely it is that the advisor can grow to the next level based on four change indicators:
Business Environment

After taking the assessment, each advisor is contacted by our consultant to do a half-hour overview of the results and answer any questions in preparation for the seminar.

The seminar itself takes the attendees through each of the assessment elements, describing the best practices in each area, with lively discussion and examples from the group’s collective experience.

Top scorers in each of the business systems and change indicators are recognized and the group’s average scores are shared.

The full-day seminar includes two breakout sessions to address accountability and how to best utilize assistants. A workbook is provided that covers the presentation and includes some best-practice resources.

The final piece of the seminar experience is having our consultant provide a follow-up call with the advisor, the advisor’s team and an accountability partner. This conversation is typically two hours long and results in specific action steps that the advisor can be held accountable to. Additional resources are referenced and shared as needed.

An executive summary is provided to the sponsoring organization. This summary includes group averages, most common issues in each business system and change factor, and the top action steps that were agreed upon by the advisors in the post-seminar conferences. This proves valuable in determining where to allocate ever-more-stringent budget dollars.

The Building A Prime Practice Seminar is an excellent cornerstone to help advisors achieve better productivity, provide a more meaningful client experience and to ultimately find both personal and professional fulfillment.

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