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The Business Practice Checkup begins with the end in mind—building a prime practice and operating at the peak of your game. It was developed to provide financial advisors with a gauge to measure the overall health of their practices and to identify growth opportunities. This tool carefully takes a holistic approach to this process, recognizing core best practices, yet understanding that each person has a unique mission.

The Prime Practice has two characteristics:

  1. Your time is spent exclusively doing what you do best. Everything else is systematized and delegated to an administrative and marketing resource.
  2. You have built a business that can be leveraged (completely transferable) for future income and/or growth opportunities.

A Prime Practitioner:

  1. Is not afraid to blend his or her personal and professional life
  2. Has a powerful referral (self-promotion) process
  3. Aspires to reach peak performance
  4. Has strong accountability resources
  5. Creates, develops, and empowers a team consisting of multiple employees, as well as partners, consultants, joint workers, and centers-of-influence
  6. Uses relationship-management software
  7. Participates in wide-ranging study groups
  8. Is involved in his or her community and industry
  9. Embraces technology
  10. Offers medium-to-full-range financial services and products

Our 110-point checkup provides a profile of your practice’s vital statistics. The assessment compares your business to best practices of these eight essential business systems:

  1. Client Acquisition
  2. Client Management
  3. Sales Process
  4. Case Development
  5. Time Management
  6. Communication
  7. Education
  8. Financial Management

In addition, the checkup determines the health of your environment in achieving Prime Performance. These four Change Indicators are:

  1. Vision
  2. Accountability Team
  3. Business environment
  4. Life Balance

Upon completion, you will receive a comprehensive personal evaluation that identifies action steps to facilitate the healthy growth of your practice, along with prescribed resources for implementation.