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The Practice Checkup


A Sales System involves the orchestration of efforts and events in a relationship-based sales experience with a prospect. It spans the process of arousing a prospect’s interest, although the closing transaction and planting seeds for the next sales opportunity.

A Prime Performer has a good understanding of the following steps* in the sales process and executes with ease: 

  • Contact the prospect for an appointment.
  • Set the initial appointment expectations and assemble materials.
  • Confirm the appointment.
  • Conduct the initial interview—to arouse interest and build a relationship.
  • Fact and Feeling Finds. Determine the tools to be used, how much information is gathered, and how to conclude the process.
  • Post-Factfinder/Feeling Finder. Determine the mechanism(s) used to bridge the time from information - gathering to presenting solutions.
  • Presentation and Close. Identify what tools and techniques are successful and who  processes the paperwork.
  • Post-sale. Determine the underwriting, issue and processing activities.
  • Delivery. Look at the product and service “package.”
  • Integrate the new client into the contact management system.

Look for opportunities to automate as much of this Sales System as possible without jeopardizing the client relationship. In fact, automation enhances the client relationship and can increase closing ratios.

There are a variety of excellent sales systems available in the marketplace. What’s important is to have a sales system that fits the Advisor’s lifecycle stage and maximizes the impact of each step in the sales process.

NOTE: Variations of these steps exist.