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The Practice Checkup


A Communication System identifies the key relationships in the practice to ensure they get regular, proactive contact. The Communication System also involves managing staff, various media, and your clients' experience when they contact your office.


One of the most critical aspects of growing a business is the people with whom the Advisor surrounds himself or herself. What begins as hiring one part-time assistant eventually may evolve into a staff of workers and then into a team of producers. Each lifecycle stage and business system have specific roles and responsibilities that can be delegated. However, the biggest issue surrounding this delegation is that of communicating expectations clearly to staff people.

Selecting, supervising, and conducting performance review skills are vital as the Advisor grows the practice.

The client’s experience with the Advisor’s team is of primary importance in the referrability of the Advisor.


Other Key People

Setting up communication links with other people important to the growth of the Advisor’s business is a necessary step in the creation of image and professionalism.  Determining how to schedule regular “touches” with centers of influence, key community contacts, firm, and home office personnel is the challenge.


A final piece of the Communication system is how the Advisor and staff manage the various media. This would include looking at procedures to handle mail, e-mail, the internet, telephone, client contacts, and all the other sources of information that flood the office on a regular basis.


The goal of the Communication system is to enable clear messages to be sent and received by the Advisor and staff. This will allow important information to rise to the surface quickly and be dealt with efficiently.