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The Practice Checkup


A Case Development System generates an appropriate solution to a prospect’s situation through a process of due diligence, consultation, and use of analytical tools.    The case should be developed thoroughly enough not to “leave any money on the table” and to leave the door open for future business.

A Case Development System revolves heavily around the tools used to prepare solution(s) to a prospect’s problems and the people who can assist to use these tools.

Consider how to use tools and procedures to:

  • Transition the fact/feeling finder information to the analytical software or other tool. Who is involved? Is there a mechanism to add factfinder information to the contact/prospect record?
  • Ensure that all the necessary information is assembled.
  • Determine the scope (breadth and depth) of the analysis.
  • Prepare illustrations.
  • Prepare asset allocation.
  • Prepare various reports and resources.
  • Assemble the presentation.

Also examine how to use staff to delegate case development functions.

As part of case development, explore issues surrounding joint work and sharing cases. Here are some examples: Who do they consult when necessary?  Are you a consultant for others?  How does all that work financially?

A strong Case Development System won’t sell a product. However, it provides an attractive framework so the Advisor can more easily close the sale.